College Readiness Dialogue Wiki

College Readiness Dialogue Wiki  has been replaced with a LibGuide

This wiki is no longer updated as of March 2013.


The objective of the College Readiness Dialogue is to provide an open, relaxed, and informal dialogue between high school and academic librarians on students' college readiness (information skills).  How prepared are our high school seniors for college research?  What strengths do they take with them during this transition?  And, in what areas do they need support?  What can we do to help them achieve success?


On October 15, 2010 over 90 librarians from high schools and academic libraries from the greater Kansas City area met at Blue Valley High School in Stillwell, Kansas, to share ideas about preparing high school students for the experience of doing college-level research in academic libraries. 


This wiki was created to encourage continuing dialog and collaboration between high school and academic librarians in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.  But we welcome any interested high school or academic librarians to join in the discussion.